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Macnaught P3TR Power-Lube Air Operated Grease Pump for 35lb/ 5 gallon

Brand: Macnaught
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  • Up to 69,000kPa/10,000 PSI/690 BAR greasing pressure through B2 Booster Gun.
  • Non-Corroding Air Motor – quiet operation.
  • Air pressure range 400-850kPa/60-125 PSI/4-9 BAR.
  • Rubber edged follower plate provides wipe down of container walls.
  • Extra long delivery hose – 4m (13ft) x 6mm (1/4″) I.D SAE 100 R2, 1/4″ NPT (M).

The Macnaught P3TR Power-Lube is the ultimate economical, high pressure air powered greasing system. With models to suit grease containers from 12.5kg (28lb) to 22kg (48lb) the P3 Power-Lube can operate off any small compressor from 3cfm/.08m³. At the recommended air pressure of 690kPa/100 PSI/7 BAR the 50:1 ratio air motor provides fast and continuous greasing at 34,500kPa/5,000 PSI/345 BAR. The grease pressure can be boosted to 69,000kPa/10,000 PSI/690 BAR simply by squeezing the B2 Booster Gun trigger several times.

  • 360° high pressure "Z" type ZSB swivel, 1/4" NPT (F), 1/8" NPT (M).
  • Handles up to NLGI No 2 greases.
  • Requires air compressor volume 3cfm/.08m³ and above.
  • Delivers 460gms of NLGI No 2 grease per minute.
  • Swivel type air inlet 1/4" NPT (F).