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Hello world this is my first blog and I couldn't tell you if there's a right or wrong way to do this. So with out further adieu. I want to introduce myself and what my blogs will typically be about. Before I start I want to express that I am in no way shape or form and English major or a grammar scholar so please enjoy my blogs for what they are and you will learn a lot. Please ask questions and leave comments, any and all feedback is welcome.

My name is Mike Hyson and I am from Tolland CT. I have worked in the oil lubrication equipment business for the past 10 years and have grown a strong passion for it. I have seen everything from 300 gallon oil spills, from delivery drivers not paying attention, to oil lines run along a wall burst from years of chaffing. I have replaced more oil control dispensing guns and rebuilt so many oil and grease pumps I have lost count.

I have started an online oil pump rebuilding company, servicing shops nation wide, with fast turn around times and providing most parts in stock and readily available. My company is Empire Lube Repair, LLC on the web at . We service all major makes and model pumps from Graco, Alemite, American, Samson, Balcrank, some National spencer.

Something I am proud of is we have partnered up with Acts of Simple Kindness (ASK) a not-for-profit charitable organization for kids of widows and widowers and they strive to help with the little things that make a big difference. I lost my father at a young age and what this charity does is very much needed and goes a long way. $1.00 from every pump we rebuild will be donated to to them and as we grow as a company hopefully we can participate even more.

My blogs will mostly be composed of oil pump related topics and trouble shooting, tips, tricks but I may  get into a rant about something that happened during my work day or something adorable my 2 year old did. keep on pumping,

Yours Truly