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Liquidynamics Oil Cop Junior Console | P/N 100902 - Empire Lube Equipment

Liquidynamics Oil Cop Junior Console | P/N 100902

SKU: Liquidynamics 100902
Brand: Liquidynamics
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Oil Cop Junior is designed to be a simple system that can be installed and configured by the end user, yet provides comprehensive transaction information for shop owners to efficiently track fluid movement.

The Oil Cop Junior Console provides the ability to set up the Junior system with three levels of Pin Code security, set tank product names, set current tank Volumes, set tank alarm levels, pulser/metering calibration and print transaction journals. Additionally, the Junior Console stores up to 999 technician pin numbers and is used by the technicians to select which fluid to dispense, initiate dispensing operations such as preset dispense, manual dispense and top-off dispense.

The Console can be easily mounted to a wall, beam or any convenient working surface, connect the four wire cable between the Console and the Pulser/ Solenoid Module (PSM), plug in the power supply and the system is ready for configuration. The Oil Cop Junior Console (JRC) can be operated wirelessly or, if desired can be hardwired via a two conductor wire connection to communicate with the printer and remote display.