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Liquidynamics 100901 Fluid Control Module (FCM) - Empire Lube Equipment

Liquidynamics 100901 Fluid Control Module (FCM)

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Brand: Liquidynamics
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Each Fluid Command Module (FCM) operates up to four Pulser/solenoid Modules (PsM’s) which are typically connected to hose reels for fluid control and monitoring. the FCM’s communicate with the Oil Cop Controller (Ctr) via self-healing, mesh network wirelessly or, if desired, via two wire current loop. any portion of the Oil Cop system can be hard wired or used wirelessly in order to achieve maximum reliability and coverage.

Each Fluid Command Module (FCM) includes a 115 VAC power module that is used to power the FCM as well as providing 24 volts to up to four Pulser/solenoid Modules (PSM’s). the PSM’s are quickly and easily connected to the Fluid Command Module (FCM) via a four conductor cable. this four conductor cable provides pulser/metering data to the Fluid Command Module (FCM) as well as power to the solenoids, thus simplifying connectivity immensely.

Oil Cop Fluid Command Modules (FCM’s) incorporate communication protocols that allow an unlimited number of FCM’s to be connected to the Oil Cop Controller (Ctr), providing virtually endless expansion capability as well as full flexibility in system configuration and layout. Fluid Command Modules (FCM’s) have on board capability to perform dispensing computations, maintain dispense totals, maintain calibration data, buffer transaction data and participate as a node in the unique, self-healing, Oil Cop mesh network.