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Macnaught Suction gun 500ml - C16-01

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Brand: Macnaught
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  • Steel barrel – Durable construction
  • 300mm long delivery tube – Access to hard to reach places
  • Pump output: 500ml per stroke
  • 300mm long delivery tube
  • Compatible fluids – Oils up to SAE140

Suction gun 500ml - C16-01

The C16-01 suction gun (500ml) is used to transfer most oils, new or used, in and out of enclosed gearboxes, differentials, transfer cases and engine sumps. The C16-01 is also great for in-field use for top-ups and extraction. Can handle oils up to SAE140 viscosity. PACKAGE INCLUDES C16-01 suction gun 300mm long delivery tube.
  • Wetted components - Polypropylene, Nitrile rubber, steel