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Lincoln Device, Overfill - 84815 - Empire Lube Equipment

Lincoln Device, Overfill - 84815

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Brand: Lincoln
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Installed Fluid Evacuation and Disposal Systems

Lincoln installed systems provide the fast, profitable, safe way to get rid of waste oils and other fluids when gravity draining is not possible or practical. Quickly pump out fluids from rolling drain pans, portable oil drains, differentials and transaxles.

Lincoln's Basic Fluid Evacuation and Disposal System features a 1" U.L. Listed corrosion-resistant aluminum double-diaphragm pump that creates a powerful suction to drain used fluids quickly, and transfers them though a completely enclosed system to any type of remote storage tank. Provides clean, safe disposal of waste fluids with no drips, no spills

Pump is air-operated and can be easily mounted on any convenient wall surface. One basic system can service multiple bays with the addition of hardware.

Basic Fluid Evacuation Pumping System

Model 84815 Single Wall

For single wall tanks & drums in used fluid systems and above ground tanks.




Compatible models


Overfill warning valve

For single-wall tanks and drums.

4100, 4102, 4104


* Sounds whistle and shuts off air-supply when fluid rises above preset level. Requires connection to compressed air. 1/4 in. NPT air inlet and outlet ports.