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Samson Professional series grease guns - 1200 freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson STD HD Lever Grease Gun Boxed 1200

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Brand: Samson
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Universal grease guns to be used with 14 oz. grease cartridges or with bulk grease.


Professional Lever Grease Gun 360 Degree Adjustable

The tough high pressure cast iron head makes Pro Grease Guns unique in comparison to common pot metal or other die cast heads with a head burst pressure of 17,000 PSI (1200 Bar).

Easy to maintain original pressure and delivery under the hardest working conditions. Delivers .1 ounce per stroke against 7,100 PSI counter pressure.

Heavy duty knurled steel barrel with large threads for easy loading.

Locking follower rod, heavy duty beveled rubber follower, no conversion needed for various filling. Use standard 14oz. cartridge or 16oz. bulk grease.

  • Heavy duty cast iron head, with port for optional filler nipple.
  • Curved outlet pipe and coupler with ball check and hardened jaws.
  • Heavy duty barrel with large threads and o-ring seal.
  • Heavy duty rod, spring and follower.
  • Filler nipple for 3-way loading
  • Vinyl handle grip.
  • Flex hose.
  • Variable stroke cast iron head.
  • Air bleeder valve.
  • Removable valve checks for ease of maintenance.
  • Metallic baked finish.
  • Zinc plated lever handle and linkage.
  • 360 degree adjustable outlet pipe, locks in any position.