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Samson 506 Series Medium Pressure oil/ lubricants freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson 506 Series Reel MP 50' x 1/2" 506 222

SKU:Samson 506 222 50' x 1/2" NPTM

Brand: Samson
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Aluminum base and arms with composite spool hose reel. Reel can handle up to 50' x 1/2" hose. includes the hose

Fluids Handled

  • Windshield Wash Solution
  • Synthetic and Mineral Oils
  • Antifreeze solutions


  • Aluminum base and guide arm provide the rigidity to withstand the most demanding applications while offering a reduced weight for easy installation.
  • Fatigue resistant steel spring for years of durable performance and even load when pulling and recoiling the hose.
  • Fully ported shaft and swivel.
  • Spool mounted on two permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings to reduce torque load on spring for smooth retraction and longer life.
  • Large guide latching area for easier operation.
  • Six roller guide outlet prevents hose pinching and reduces friction.
  • Hose guide arm can be placed in different positions to accommodate any method of mounting.
  • Hose reels with hose include 30″ inlet hose.

Hose Length

30', 50'

Hose ID


Outlet Thread

1/2" NPTM

Max. Working Pressure

2,000 psi