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Alemite Enterprise Software-Onsite - 343535

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Alemite fluid management systems provide flexible, costeffective options to improve dispensing and inventory management for vehicle service applications. With a range of solutions from simple to advanced, these systems are available in models to suit various shop operations.


The Alemite AFCS Enterprise fluid inventory control management system and software are designed to accurately track, monitor and dispense fluids in vehicle service applications. This fluid management system utilizes a standard Internet browser to access the software and provides a significant savings by operating up to 50 sites with one server installation.


Alemite’s versatile AFCS Enterprise can adapt to any vehicle service location. Based on an Ethernet network, the system enables fast, easy and 100 percent reliable communication, which is essential when the control system interfaces with a dealer management system. Network connections are easy; simply connect the controller with a Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. For a stand-alone system, the AFCS Enterprise controller can be wired on its own network; separate from the site’s existing network. This facilitates simple deployment and avoids any security concerns. For a more advanced setup, each AFCS Enterprise controller can be connected over an existing network. The controller has a unique MAC address and IP address that allow the unit to route information over an existing network to the PC running the system. The unit comes preconfigured with a static IP address but can be used in dynamic IP mode if running a DHCP server. This method can save on wiring costs and can help a site maintain complete control of its components.

Alemite AFCS Enterprise software is used with AFCS Enterprise hardware to accurately track, monitor and dispense fluids using your Enterprise dealer management system. The AFCS fluid management system utilizes a standard Internet browser to access the software and can operate up to 50 sites with one server installation, which can provide significant savings.



Product # Description
343535 On-site Installation Support – Two days of installation support on-site by SKF team. Distributor/hardware installer must be onsite in case any hardware installation issues occur.
343589 AssetWorks FA Interface
343590 AssetWorks M5 Interface
343586 CDK Interface with 1 year of service and install
343587 CDK software maintenance (per year)
343591 Procede Interface
343434 TMW Interface