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Alemite b1741-A 24/7 Automatic Lubricator With Spring

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Brand: Alemite
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  • Flexible dispense rate from one to 12 months; also stoppable
  • Easily adjustable; no tools needed
  • Transparent lubricant container allows visual inspection
  • Compact size enables use in con ned areas
  • Greases and chain oils available

Alemite b1741-A

Alemite has introduced its new 1751 Series of automatic lubricators, known as Alemite 24/7.

Designed to automatically supply a small quantity of grease or oil to a single lubrication point on a regular basis, these lubricators help to increase machine reliability, improve employee safety and optimize maintenance operations.

Ready to use straight from the box, the Alemite 24/7 lubricators offer tool-free activation and setup, as well as simple and accurate adjustment of lubricant flow. These units feature a flexible dispense rate from one to 12 months and also are stoppable.