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Samson AMS President Keypads Quarts - 381 002 freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson AMS President Keypads Quarts - 381 002

SKU: Samson 381 002
Brand: Samson
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AMS System Components

Keypads and Power Supplies

Keypads provide users with access to the fluid outlets or reels. Keypads also include a power supply unit that energizes up to eight solenoid valves simultaneously. A power supply or keypad is needed for each 8 additional dispense points.

Each system must have one president keypad, which includes the communication and software program for controlling the different system components. The number of keypads within a system is almost unlimited.

Samsons AMS System is the leading wired system for installation from small garages to large factories dispensing windshield wash solution, antifreeze, diesel, motor oil, ATF and DEF. 

President Keypads – Quartz

One required per system, powers up to eight dispense points.

Part No. 381 002

President Keypad with internal ticket printer, includes AMM memory chip.