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Beckett Thermal Switches - Empire Lube Equipment

Beckett Thermal Switches


Brand: Beckett Corporation
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Thermal switches – A safety device which provides added protection to fuel burner installations. It is a thermally operated switch installed in the electrical power line to the burner. It is normally set at 165 degrees F and removes power if the ambient temperature reaches this point. The burner then shuts off immediately. The thermal switch is usually positioned on the ceiling, close to the burner. It SHOULD NOT be used manually to start and stop the burner. When properly installed, there are no exposed electrical wires or contacts, before or after firing – this is important. The fusible element is the hand wheel of the switch – after it ‘fires’, simply replace the hand wheel to restore the switch.

Contact ratings:

  • Pilot 120 volts, 60 Hz, 360VA.
  • ½ Horsepower, 12 volts, 60Hz.

10 day handling time  ships direct  from manufacturer