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Samson Control Valve for Waterbased Fluids

Samson Control Valve for Waterbased Fluids

SKU: Samson 186 300 Control Valve Flexible 90° Auto No-drip Tip
Brand: Samson
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Samson control valves are used at the end of the hose assembly to dispense waterbased fluids and lubricants.

Fluids Handled

  • Synthetic and mineral based oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic oil and fluids
  • ATF
  • Windshield Wash Fluids
  • Water based Solutions

Maximum Free Flow Rate

4 gal/min (15 l/min)

Maximum Working Pressure

570 psi (40 bar)

Fluid Inlet

1/2" NPTF

Fluid Outlet

1/2" NPTF



Power Source


Wetted Materials

Aluminium, Zinc alloy, Stainless Steel, NBR, Brass, Steel, TPU, Polyamide