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Samson Digital In-line Meter PVC 13 GPM - 366 010 freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson Electronic In-Line Meter Bare 1/2" BSPP DEF 366 010

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Brand: Samson
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In Line Meters

In Line Meters with Display

Oval gear meters for use as in line meters with oil, DEF, windshield wash solutions, anti-freeze solutions and diesel, depending on the meter wetted materials. They can be wall mounted in the fluid line or at the pump outlet.

Meter display is multi-function, showing the volume dispensed per delivery, and has a permanent and resettable (trip function) totalizer. The display can be programmed to show delivery in liters, quartz, pints and US gallons. The assembly is enclosed in a TPE molded shroud. Meters can be calibrated  for maximum accuracy

Part No. 366 000

½ ‘’ PVC line meter – 13 GPM

Oval gear meters may be wall mounted in the fluid line, at the pump, or on a bare control handle.

Fluids Handled

  • Synthetic and mineral based oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic oil and fluids
  • ATF
  • Windshield Wash fluid
  • Water based solutions


                                                 Product Specification

Maximum Working Pressure

1,450 psi (100 bar)

Fluid Inlet

1/2" NPTF

Fluid Outlet

1/2" NPTF


+/- 0.5%

Power Source

2x "AAA" 1.5 Batteries

Wetted Materials

Acertal, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, NBR, Zinc Plated Steel, TPU, Polyamide, PVC



Part No.

366 000 Digital In-line Meter 8 GPM

Market Sserved

Fleet service, Lube trucks, Mining equipment maintenance, Car and truck Dealerships, Fast Lube and Maintenance shops , Mass Transit maintenance, Railroad.