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Samson Drum Pump-Lever Action - 1243 freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson Lever Action Hand Barrel Pump For Solvents 1243

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Brand: Samson
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Lever Action Drum Pump

Lever action drum pump for use with light viscosity and non-corrosive lubricants. 16 gal Keg & 55 gal drum.

Steel pump body, spout, and telescopic suction tube. Die cast head, steel piston, brass rings and nitrile rubber seals. Bung threads fits 16-55 gallon drums. Ideal for use with light viscosity lubricants and other non-corrosive fluids.

Has a larger pump body with greater internal volume. Has Viton® seals, usable with alcohols, detergents, solvents, oils and anti-freeze. Long curved removable steel spout with garden hose threads. Capacity per stroke: 0.48 quarts.


Part No.

1243 Drum Pump for Corrosive Fluids

Market Served

Fleet service, Lube trucks, Mining equipment maintenance, Car and truck Dealerships, Fast Lube and Maintenance shops , Mass Transit maintenance, Railroad.