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Wolflube Ezee Flo Pumps for Use With Drum with Capacity 5 Gal freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Wolflube Ezee Flo Pumps for Use With Drum with Capacity 5 Gal

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Brand: Wolflube
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Versatile Pump, engineered for trouble free use on 5 gallon / 20-25 liter containers with plastic pull out or 2in external threads.
Downstroke operation with fluid discharge when pushing the handle down. Enhanced ease of use & reduced fatigue especially when pumping heavy fluids. It additionally reduces pull out stress on the pump bung.
Heavy duty steel suction tube, with the pump head made from high density polyethylene. Pump head incorporates Nozzle Holder & option to drain back over flown fluid into the container.
Interchangeable Bung Adaptors. The standard bung adaptors can be slid over the pump, when using on containers with external threading.
Pump length can be extended by over 4in for use on high depth containers, by conveniently sliding the suction tube extender.
Supplied complete with Rigid Steel Discharge Spout & 48in long Spring embedded non Kink Discharge Hose fitted with Non Drip.