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High Performance Lever Grease Gun | P/N 500103

High Performance Lever Grease Gun | P/N 500103

SKU: P/N 500103
Brand: LiquiDynamics
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P/N 500103 


Premium high performance lever grease gun with heavy steel barrel and head. Will produce better than 10,000 PSI using extra leverage steel handle. Scales on handle allows metering” of grease using short” stroke capability. Fill 3 ways using filler nipple (P/N 500123 sold separately), 14 oz. cartridge or bulk fill. Includes 7” rigid extension, heavy-duty 4-jaw coupler and ergonomic cushioned handle grip. Approximately 15 strokes per oz.



P/N 500103F 



Same as P/N 500103 except provided with 12” flex extension in place of rigid extension.