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Samson IMC Console -  381 192 freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Samson IMC Console - 381 192

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Brand: Samson
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Samsons IMC System is the universal replacement console for all dispense consoles.

  • Large keypad buttons for easy use, and a large character, bright LCD back-lit display.
  • Built in bypass key switch to open one solenoid for each product for "Emergency Delivery"
  • 24 Volts AC, 24 Volts DC - No problem. Internal jumpers allow for witching solenoid voltage back and forth.
  • 10 Pulse, 100 Pulse, 95 Pulse - No problem. The unit is delivered preset for 95 pulses per quart, but the setting is easily changed to accomodate almost any pulse meter or pulse rate.
  • No programming required. IMC consoles are now delivered preconfigured for 2 products with 5 dispense points assigned for each product, and no PIN required to authorize dispenses. Easily reprogrammed to custom fit any application.
  • Control ten dispensing points total.
  • Controls two different products
  • Controls one air solenoid valve for pumps.
  • Four float switch connections for two waste tanks
  • USB PC interface unit available, operates with AMS WinPC software.

Part No. 381 192
One product: one dispense point console for stand alone use with one pulser and one dispense point kit for oils.