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Samson In-Line Meters Grease

Samson In-Line Meters Grease

SKU: Samson 411 103 High Pressure Grease Meter
Brand: Samson
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High Pressure oval gear meters for measured dispense of grease.

In Line Grease Meter

High pressure oval gear meter with digital display. Batch displays in ounces (up to 9999 oz) and permanent totalizer in pounds ( up to 999999 lb). Batch display reset button. The meter can be easily calibrated in the field for maximum accuracy.

Works with two 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries. Maximum pressure : 7140 psi (500 bar). Maximum flow range: up to 4.4 lb/min (2 Kg/min). Precision: plus or minus 3.0 percent. Inlet outlet connections: 1/8 inch NPTF.