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Lincoln 2.5 Gal Reservoir W/Lid - MVA572

Lincoln 2.5 Gal Reservoir W/Lid - MVA572

Brand: Lincoln
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MVA572, MVA573, MVA574 and MVA576 Reservoirs for MV7100 and MV6400 Series

MV7100 and MV6400 Series Reservoirs

Mityvac offers 2.5 quarts and 1.2-, 2.5- and 5 gal. (2.5-, 5-, 10- and 20 l) reservoirs for fluid storage or for adopting the capacity to the application needs. 

Each reservoir includes a lid and fluid pickup tube with quick-change coupler for connecting MV7135, MV7840, MV7412MV6400 and MV6410 accessories.



  • Fluid dispensing



Part No. Capacity
MVA572 2.6 gal. (10 l)