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Lincoln Cooling System Test & Refil Kit -  MV4525

Lincoln Cooling System Test & Refil Kit - MV4525


Brand: Lincoln
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Cooling System Test & Refill Kit MV4525

The MV4525 is the most innovative, advanced automotive cooling system test kit ever designed. It is the first and only tester developed specifically to run complete cooling system diagnostics with the engine running and at normal operating temperature and pressure. New patent pending technology combines testing and monitoring of pressure, vacuum and temperature simultaneously, to provide real-time data far beyond the capabilities of a simple pressure tester. This combination of features ensures the most extensive, accurate cooling system diagnosis possible.


  • Coupler saves the expense of up to three separate kits by combining pressure, vacuum and temperature testing capabilities
  • Tests cooling system with engine on or off to pinpoint leaks or diagnose blown head gaskets, cracked block, or damaged head(s).
  • Refills cooling system in minutes without trapping air that can cause overheating
  • Components connect using self-locking quick-disconnects for easy and time saving assembly and breakdown.
  • Safety valves prevent discharge of pressure and/ or hot fluid in case of accidental disconnect
  • Built-in valve allows the rapid, safe release of pressure and fluid without waiting for the system to cool
  • Includes four adapters for connecting to the most common radiator and coolant bottle necks found on Domestic, Asian, and European automobiles.
  • Additional adapters available for all makes and models of cars and light trucks
  • Packaged in custom-molded case with space for additional adapters
  • Molded adapter design provides a secure grip during installation or removal


  • Pressure and/or vacuum test for leaks in automotive cooling systems
  • Rapidly refill cooling systems without trapping air
  • Check proper function of thermostat, cooling sensor, and cooling fan(s)
  • Diagnose blown head gasket(s), cracked block, and cylinder head damage
  • Cooling system cap pressure testing (additional adapters required)