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Lincoln Pro Compression Test Kit (Was 05530) - MV5530

Lincoln Pro Compression Test Kit (Was 05530) - MV5530

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Brand: Lincoln
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Compression Test Kit MV5530

This comprehensive kit includes everything required to perform dry and wet engine cylinder compression tests. Commonly used to detect ring or cylinder head problems, sticking valves, blown head gasket(s) and more. Includes adapters for use on motorcycles, marine and small engines and an air-hold adapter for performing valve seal repairs without removing the cylinder head(s). 

Not for use on diesel engines.



  • Manual pressure release for maintaining peak readings
  • Professional-grade threaded adapters for leak-proof seals
  • Extended hoses for hard-to-reach applications
  • Large, easy-to-read 2¾ in. (70 mm) diameter gauge
  • Adapters to fit engines as small as lawn mowers, chain saws and trimmers
  • Quick-disconnect coupler for easy accessory changes


  • Compression testing, gasoline