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Lincoln Radiator Pressure Tester - MV4508

Lincoln Radiator Pressure Tester - MV4508


Brand: Lincoln
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Universal Cooling System Adapter MV4508

The MV4508 Universal Cooling System Adapter is simple and quick to install in virtually any radiator or coolant reservoir neck. The rubber, step-and-cone design features a self-locking, nested cam and internal restrictor combine. This provides a secure, airtight seal with only a single rotation of the expansion knob. The unique adapter is fully self-contained - no component change is required - so there are no extra parts to maintain. Also, its compact size allows for convenient storage in a toolbox. 

The MV4508 is an economical alternative to application-specific adapters. It fits pressure pumps with a common radiator neck-style connection. The MV4805 replaces more than 20 individual adapters used to pressure test the cooling systems on cars, vans and light- and heavy-duty trucks.



  • Replaces more than 20 individual cooling system pressure test adapters for cars, vans, light- and heavy-duty trucks
  • Patent-pending cam mechanism helps to ensure an air-tight seal with radiator and coolant bottle necks
  • Compact one-piece design fits conveniently in tool box
  • Compatible with Stant-style cooling system pressure pumps



  • Pressure testing in automotive cooling systems