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Lincoln Vacuum Bleeder - MV6870

Lincoln Vacuum Bleeder - MV6870


Brand: Lincoln
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Vacuum Brake Bleeder MV6870

Mityvac’s MV6870 offers high quality and performance in a robust compact design. It features a 1.3 qt. reservoir and powerful compressed-air-operated venturi that quickly draws out fluid and air from hydraulic brake and clutch systems. With the MV6870, one person can perform quick, clean vacuum brake and clutch bleeding.



  • Compact 1.3 qt. (1.2 l) capacity reservoir
  • Comfortable lever-action throttle with lock-on latch
  • Durable, molded composite handle can take heavy abuse
  • Automatic shutoff prevents overfill
  • Integrated hanging hook doubles as a hose wrap for convenient storage
  • 4 ft. (1.2 m) long bleed hose with molded support
  • Universal bleed screw adapter conforms to most common bleed screw sizes
  • Integrated muffler for quiet operation
  • Includes two replacement bleed screw adapters


  • Brake and clutch bleeding, vacuum