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Lincoln Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit - MV6835

Lincoln Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit - MV6835

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Brand: Lincoln
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Premium Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit MV6835

Model MV6835 extends the capabilities of our MV6830 vacuum brake bleeder by including our MVA6832 Clamp-on Auto-refill Kit. The bleeder can evacuate up to 2 qt. (2 l) per minute. The refill kit ensures the master cylinder does not run dry of new fluid. This kit provides an extremely efficient method of bleeding hydraulic brake and clutch systems.



  • Compressed air operation 
  • Integrated 1.9 qt. (1.8 l) capacity fluid collection reservoir
  • Variable control thumb throttle
  • Swivel air inlet with quick-disconnect
  • Quick-disconnect coupler for accessories 
  • Quiet, muffled exhaust
  • Automatic overflow prevention


  • Brake and clutch bleeding, vacuum