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Alemite Mist Pressure Switch (385033) - Accessories freeshipping - Empire Lube Equipment

Alemite Mist Pressure Switch (385033) - Accessories

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Alemite oil mist systems are used to service all types of machine elements that require continuous lubrication, such as rolling element bearings and chain drives. These reliable systems have no moving parts, deliver a constant, measured stream of clean, atomized oil and are a cost-effective option for ongoing automatic lubrication.




When installed in the mist distribution header of 1 pint and 1 gallon mist generators (and used in conjunction with an optional alarm annunciator), this switch responds to either a rise or a drop in system pressure by sending an alarm signal to the alarm annunciator. Factory set at 8" H2O (falling) and 55" H2O (rising) mist pressure. Settings can be easily adjusted in the field.

• Rated for 10 amp @ 120 V AC

• 1/4" NPT(f) pipe connection and 1/2" NPSM(f) conduit connection