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Zeeline Part 1040K

SKU: National Spencer 1040K
Brand: National Spencer/Zee Line
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National Spencer/ Zeeline Parkt 1040K

Zeeline 1040K Aluminum Double Diaphragm Pump 1 in NPT w/ Suction Kit

Contents of Pump (1040) and Kit (104001) Package

1" Pump 1040
Male Cam Lock (61962) 1"
Female Cam Lock (61922) 1"
Brass Ball Valves (3) 1"
Hydraulic Adapter Swivel (2) 1" x 1"
Galvanized Steel Street L 1"
Suction Hose 1" x 8'
Discharge Hose 1" x 8'
Nipple (2) 1" x 2"
Strainer 1"
Wall Mount Bracket Yes
Airline Filter (1559A2-ASSY) Yes
Reducer Bushing (1035RB) Yes