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PIUSI DRUM 000271P00

PIUSI DRUM 000271P00


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Drum is a transfer unit for diesel fuel, which can be connected directly to the drum.

Where it is necessary to transfer fuel from one tank to another, PIUSI fuel dispensing units come into play. The name Drum was actually created to meet the needs of users who need to transfer diesel from a small tank.

The Drum diesel and dispenser is suitable for the delicate transfer of filtered fuels in the agriculture, marine, automotive and construction sectors.


The 2" quick coupling allows easy installation of the diesel dispenser on the drum. The telescopic tube inside the drum allows the suction of diesel and the consequent transfer. The nozzle housing, located near the pump, above the drum, allows a simple and clean use of the diesel dispenser.

It is possible to manage the consumption of the single users thanks to the mechanical flow meter that guarantees a control on the dispensing operations with an accuracy of +/- 1%. Drum is composed of a self-priming rotary electric vane pump, equipped with a bypass valve and a filter with a guaranteed flow rate of up to 80 l/min. The low noise level of the Drum transfer system allows it to be used in any working environment.

Drum is available in the AC and DC versions and is compatible with diesel transfer pumps such as AC Pump Panther 56, DC Pump Bipump transfer pumps such as AC Pump Viscomat 70-200 or DC Pump Viscomat DC.