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PIUSI K600 B/3 - Oil version F00491010

PIUSI K600 B/3 - Oil version F00491010


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PIUSI K600 B/3 for lubricating Oil

PIUSI K600 B/3 is an electronic oil flow meter suitable for monitoring the quantity of lubricating oil dispensed. For non-commercial use, the uniqueness of K600 B/3 is to have a larger, easy to read display sized 80 mm, with a partial total of 5 digits (h=24 mm) with floating point from 0.001 to 999.99 Total, not resettable to 8 digits (h=5 mm) from 1 to 99999999.


The K600 B/3 flow meter consists of oval gears in acetal resin for precise monitoring of the dispensed quantity of low, medium and high viscosity fluids, such lubricating oils. The structure of the flow meter is solid and robust with an aluminium measuring chamber and the integrated suction filter safeguards the integrity of the flow meters. It guarantees a safe dispensing without impurities, which may result in unpleasant blocks while dispensing.


The K600 B/3 flow meter for oil ensures a monitoring accuracy of +/- 0.5% for a maximum flow rate of 100 l/min.

These features complete the K600/3 flow meter:

Repeatability 0.2%
Pressure drop < 0.5 bar at the max. flow rate.
IP66 protection against dust and water.

K600 B/3

The pulse out version is also available on request. It is divided into two types of flow meters, which differ according to the type of installation. The K600 B/3 flow meter has a display and can be installed in the fluid transfer system, while K600 B/3 Pulse-OUT has no display and can be connected via a 10-metre connection wire to the remote flow meter. Its application is recommended in case you want to monitor the quantity dispensed not directly on the system, but from the office.