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PIUSI MA 190 F00208A20

PIUSI MA 190 F00208A20


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PIUSI MA 190 is an oil transfer pump. Thanks to the steady commitment to studying new solutions for the transfer of fuels and fluids, PIUSI manufactures the series PIUSI MA in the versions 130, 140, 180, 190.

Designed to guarantee high performance and maximum safety, the PIUSI MA 190 air-operated diaphragm pump for oil is the ideal work partner. The variety of materials and parts that characterize the pneumatic oil transfer pumps ensures all-round applications. PIUSI MA 190 can indeed be used in different industries including the industrial, pharmaceutical and food ones.


The PIUSI MA 190 air-operated diaphragm pump for oil bases its structure on a sturdy central body, side half-shells and suction and delivery manifolds in aluminum. The top quality diaphragms that compose it, instead, are in NBR and guarantee the transfer of high viscosity oil, even when there can be solid parts in suspension, as can happen with used oil.

The PIUSI MA 190 diaphragm pump falls within the category of vacuum pumps, where the change in volume results from the oscillation of a diaphragm that closes one side of a chamber. The system has the advantage of the waterproofing, which is the result of the elimination of any sliding between parts.

The top performance of the PIUSI MA 190 oil transfer pump is guaranteed by the pneumatic circuit and the construction principle, which makes it specifically suitable for heavy working conditions.


The PIUSI MA 190 oil transfer pump has a flow rate of up to 220 l/min and its self-priming function guarantees total safety against any possible risk in case of dry-running. Further, it allows precise speed adjustment without pressure loss.