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Viscotroll Gear is a portable oil transfer kit available in the AC and DC versions.

The AC version allows the oil transfer unit to be connected to any power socket without the need for compressed air, while the DC version comes with a rechargeable battery that, with the trolley on which the tank rests, guarantees a versatile use of the oil transfer kit for those who need to move the oil transfer unit within the working environment.


The Viscotroll Gear oil transfer kit is complete with everything and consists of the PIUSI K400 Meter or Easyoil nozzle with built-in digital mounting system, the 1" BSP suction pipe with bottom valve that guarantees a single direction for the flow of oil dispensed, to avoid cases of back flow or emptying of the system in case of pump shutdown.

Lubricating oil has the characteristic of being thick, compared to other types of fluids, and therefore it needs to be transferred with a stronger pump.

For this reason, the Viscotroll Gear oil transfer kit consists of the PIUSI Viscomat Gear self-priming pump, suitable in case of used oil that can sometimes include contaminates dangerous to the proper operation of the pump. The Viscomat Gear pump is safer in these cases because, compared to the Vane model, it guarantees a smooth operation without any lock in the gears, due to possible contaminants in the oil during the transfer phase.


With a flow rate of up to 9 l/min, the Viscotroll Vane fluid oil transfer kit is the oil dispensing system suitable for workshops that need a fast oil transfer kit to support the work cycle, but at the same time want a quality product reliable over time.

Viscotroll Gear is able to ensure a constant flow rate and a regularly dispensed flow with a medium-high viscosity, up to 2000 cSt: it is the perfect work companion, safe and durable.