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Alemite Portable Oil Drain - 8586

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Brand: Alemite
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Constructed of high grade materials, Alemite Fluid Handling Equipment provides efficient, cost effective solutions to remove and store used fluids, and to dispense fresh oil. Their safe and dependable operation contribute to a clean, efficient operating environment.



Alemite Drains are designed to safely capture used product and transfer the fluids to storage containers.



Portable drain models 8586 are designed to safely capture the oil from engine crankcases, transmissions, and differentials. Each drain system consists of a drain bowl and drum cover assembly and a dolly assembly. 

The drain bowl assembly includes a strainer that guards against loose items entering the drum. The strainer’s center post can be used to hold inverted filters and allow them to drain. The cover for the drum contains a built-in float gauge that indicates when the drum is full. The drum is secured to the dolly with three thumb screw clamps. The dolly’s four-wheel design allows stable mobility


• Mounts directly to a 16 gallon drum (338550, not included)

• Cover mounted drain with telescoping tube, and built in ¾" cam lock adapter

• Suction tube for evacuation, including screen to prevent large articles from contaminating pump

• Float gauge indicates when drum is full

• Sturdy steel dolly