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Samson PumpMaster 4-Stainless Steel

Samson PumpMaster 4-Stainless Steel

SKU: Samsons 333 120 PumpMaster 4- 3:1 Stub Pump Stainless Steel
Brand: Samson
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Double acting air operated medium pressure high volume pumps for dispensing lubricants in medium size installations. Pumps include height 2" NPTM adjustable bung adaptor for drum and tank bung mounting. Built in port for optional (PN 609 007) pressure relief valve.

PM 4 3:1 Stainless Steel Pump

These are high efficiency air operated pumps specifically designed for lubricant transfer, portable dispensing packages and small fixed installation systems. They have an innovative air motor with a patented air valve. the air valve provides the pump with an extremely fast reciprocating action that contributes to improved pump performance along with significantly lower air consumption. PumpMaster 2 pumps are available with 1:1 and 3:1 pressure small dispensing systems.

Double acting, medium pressure and high delivery air operated pumps manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel. Pumps can be used in large systems that include pipelines and several outlets even with simultaneous operation. The air motor is divorced from the pump to avoid fluid contamination inside the motor, making this pump compatible with slightly corrosive, low viscosity fluids such as paint solvents, cleaning fluids, anti-freeze (glycol), detergents, grease removers, alcohols, turpentine, petrochemical products, anticorrosion products, light inks, lacquer, wood varnish, etc.

Pumps include bung adapter and a 28 inch PVC suction tube for use with 55 gallon drums.

  • 3:1 pressure ratio
  • 2 inch (52mm) pump tube diameter
  • 3.55 inch (90mm) air piston diameter
  • 4 inch (100mm) air piston stroke
  • 9.8 gpm (35 l/min) maximum free flow capacity
  • 40 psi (3 bar) minimum air pressure
  • 140 psi (10 bar) maximum air pressure
  • 420 psi (30 bar) maximum fluid pressure
  • 3/8 inch NPSM (F) air inlet
  • 1 inch NPT (F) fluid outlet
  • 1 inch NPT (F) fluid inlet
  • AISI 316 stainless steel, PTFE and Viton® wetted parts